General Election 2019 - Independent candidate says Conservatives have one last chance to deliver Brexit... or else!

Independent candidate Caroline Coram, who has battled to deliver an alternative 'clean Brexit' stance for voters, says the Tories have one last chance to deliver.
Independent candidate Caroline Coram.Independent candidate Caroline Coram.
Independent candidate Caroline Coram.

Looking at exit polls suggesting a Tory win, Ms Coram said: "This year's result may be the same, but once bitten, twice shy - if we are not out of Europe properly within five years the Conservatives will be in trouble.

"I will be happy with taking a good chunk out of that large Tory majority which was made up of all sorts of leavers in 2017."

She confessed to having learned a lot in the past eight weeks of campaigning, having to pick herself up and regroup after being deselected by the Brexit Party when leader Nigel Farage ordered candidates not to stand against Conservative held seats.

She said she did learn a lot from the Brexit Party's campaign machine enabling her be more prepared to stand as an independent. However she said the short time she has had has hampered her campaign build up.

"We did not have time to canvas as much as we would have liked," she said.

Caroline added: "Not having a media machine behind me has had an impact certainly. The Conservatives have had an amazing concerted effort on social media to scare people into voting. But I am worried we will be stuck with a much softer Brexit and the EU are under no obligation to sign anything when it comes to the future trade agreement."

She feared for households and businesses who have been desperate for certainty who may end up with a long wait for Brexit by making the "wrong decision tonight"