General Election 2019 - Lincolnshire Independent candidate fears Brexit has polarised voters' views

Lincolnshire Independents candidate, Marianne Overton.Lincolnshire Independents candidate, Marianne Overton.
Lincolnshire Independents candidate, Marianne Overton.
Lincolnshire Independent candidate Marianne Overton has said Brexit dominated the election campaign when she has been trying to stand up for Lincolnshire.

Speaking at the count for the Sleaford and North Hykeham constituency, the district and county councillor commented: "As expected, this has been another election about Brexit.

"Whereas we are standing up for Lincolnshire.

"The Lincolnshire Independents have been out in every community. We have had a terrific response on doorsteps personally, with people who can see we are working hard for our local communities and have said how much they appreciate that.

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"But discussions on the doorsteps and in hustings have not been focusing on Brexit but the television channels have.

"We have a big team of councillors fighting to improve local services and we will force change for the better."

She said: "When we talk to people we get a really good response but when it comes to the last minute TV coverage it has polarised things into Boris or Corbyn and neither of those are on our voting papers. It should have been about getting the best for Lincolnshire."

Facing defeat, she felt she would be happy with recognition from residents that she is fighting for their county which she says has been severely short changed and deserves better.