King’s Accession to the throne to be declared in Sleaford on Sunday afternoon

It has been confirmed when local dignitaries will proclaim the King’s Accession to the throne.

The Union Flag at half mast on Friday outside NKDC offices.
The Union Flag at half mast on Friday outside NKDC offices.

Vice-chairman of North Kesteven District Council, Coun Ross Little, will be making the announcement on Sunday at 3pm, outside the council offices on Lafford Terrace, off Eastgate, Sleaford.

The short speech is part of the ancient traditions connected to the continuity of monarchy, going back over a thousand years – a Proclamation of Accession. This will be read initially at St James’ Palace in London on Saturday, September 10.

Following this there is a protocol of reading it throughout the Realm and at county level on the next day, before being cascaded down to local level. Members of the public are encouraged to hear the Proclamation of Accession at a local level.

The Union Flag at half mast outside Sleaford Town Hall.


The local Proclamation of the King’s Accession will undoubtedly be an historic occasion of some interest.

The Mayor of Sleaford, members of North Kesteven District Council and other dignitaries will be invited.

Members of the public are warmly welcome to attend this short ceremony taking into account the solemnity and dignity of this occasion.

They should also be mindful of no toilet facilities available at Lafford Terrace and car parking limitations on Lafford Terrace.


Parking at Lafford Terrace is suspended in anticipation of the event. Parking will be maintained in the lower car park, but there will be no access or exit for vehicles between 2pm and 4pm on Sunday. Restrictions will be lifted at 5pm.

There will be no shelter while standing on Lafford Terrace.

Stewards will be on hand to show attendees to designated places of assembly for the local reading.

There will be a Proclamation of Accession at county level in advance of the local Proclamation. This will be at Lincoln Cathedral at 1pm and read by the High Sheriff of Lincolnshire, Tim Strawson.


The council Vice-Chairman will represent the people of the North Kesteven at this county reading of the Proclamation of Accession.

There is a protocol prescribed around the timings of the proclamation.

The National Protocol for the Union Flag is for it to fly at half-mast on public buildings from the official announcement of death.

It will then fly at full-mast from 11am on the day of the national proclamation in London (Saturday, September 10) until 1pm the following day (Sunday, September 11) to allow for the Proclamation of Accession to be read in the UK national capitals.


Then it will go back to half mast until 3pm.

Flags will then be a full-mast from 3pm to 3.10pm for the local Proclamation of Accession at NKDC, on Sunday, September 11, then half-mast –from 3.10pm to 8am on the day after the funeral. The Union Flag will then be taken down.