'˜Leaving EU would boost UK'

A leading Conservative county councillor is backing calls for the United Kingdom to quit the EU, claiming it would be 'good for Britain and good for Lincolnshire'.

Coun Colin Davie who is calling for the UK to pull out of the EU EMN-160523-150400001

Colin Davie, who also sits on East Lindsey District Council, says quitting the EU would be a victory for democracy.

In an exclusive interview, Coun Davie revealed he was fed up with vital decisions being imposed on the UK by un-elected EU officials.

Coun Davie – who stressed he was speaking as a proud “Yellowbelly”, rather than a councillor – shrugged off claims that leaving the EU would be an economic disaster as scaremongering.

He believes Lincolnshire will vote to leave in next month’s referendum, but admits the result nationally could be desperately close.

As as executive member for economic development, environment, planning and tourism, Coun Davie is one of the highest profile politicians in the county.

He said: “This is not about politics or about breaking party ranks.

“I am a nationalist. I believe in democracy.

“I am proud of this country, proud of this county.

“I believe everyone should be free to vote how they feel in what is probably the most important decision they will have to make in their lifetime.”

Coun Davie said travelling the length and breadth of the county meant he had received plenty of public feedback.

He said: “Like many people, I am fed up with the continual interference in our daily lives by officials in Brussels and Strasbourg.

“You and I didn’t elect these people, yet they are telling us what we can and can’t do. That’s not democracy.

“If we stay in the EU, there is a very real chance we would lose even more powers.

“These un-elected, unaccountable officials would then be dictating even more laws, rules and regulations .”

Coun Da vie, who is a successful businessman, dismissed a suggestion that leaving the EU would be an economic blow – particularly to Lincolnshire’s agricultural industry.

He added: “There is a lot of scaremongering about what would happen to our economy. The money we pay to the EU would stay in this country. Farmers will not lose any subsidies. They would have more say over what they can and can’t grow.

“Look at what has happened to our milk industry, our pig industry.

“In fact, local people would have far more say over local issues.

“This county also boasts a proud history of pioneers and explorers. I wonder how they would feel if they’d had to apply to Brussels for a permit before setting sail.”