Licence hearing

Police are objecting to attempts to modify a Sleaford-area restaurant's alcohol licence after it was revoked having been caught employing illegal workers.
NKDC offices, Sleaford.NKDC offices, Sleaford.
NKDC offices, Sleaford.

Mahmudur Rahman, designated premises supervisor for the La Royale Tandoori at North Rauceby, wants permission to temporarily change the premises licence of his business to specify Mohammed Rahmat Miah as the designated premises supervisor.

North Kesteven District Council’s (NKDC’s) Alcohol and Entertainment Licensing Sub Committee will meet next Wednesday, August 24, to consider the proposal.

In his report, David Harper, licensing manager for NKDC, explains Mr Miah has by default become the designated premises supervisor since July 18 under the terms of the application, but the sub committee will decide whether this temporary arrangement can continue.

Mr Harper explains the premises, situated on the A17 Newark Road, operates as an Indian restaurant and is licensed for the sale of alcohol, entertainment and late night refreshment under the terms of a premises licence first granted in 2010. The premises licence holder and designated premises supervisor had been Mr Rahman since the licence was first granted and he also holds a personal licence to sell alcohol.

However, on April 13, the Sub Committee reviewed and revoked the premises licence for La Royale because the business was found to be using illegal workers. Police said one man working in the kitchen was found to be illegally in the country and a second man, who due to his current immigration status was barred from any form of employment, was found to be working as a waiter.

Mr Harper says: “That decision of the Sub Committee is the subject of an appeal lodged by Mr Rahman, due to be heard at Lincoln Magistrates’ Court in September.”

He adds: “On July 20, 2016 Mr Rahman was convicted by Lincoln Magistrates’ Court of fraud for producing a forged passport to the Sub Committee at the review hearing, his personal licence was suspended for three months as part of the sentence.”

Mr Harper said the licence suspension meant Mr Rahman has nominated Mr Miah to take over the role of designated premises supervisor, but Lincolnshire Police have objected on grounds that Mr Miah is a relative of Mr Rahman and the latter would still be involved in managing the premises.