North Lincolnshire Fostering Service is top class

North Lincolnshire Council’s Fostering Service has been named as one of the top 10 fostering services in the country for increasing its number of full time placements last year (2013/14).
Could you be a foster mum?Could you be a foster mum?
Could you be a foster mum?

The increase in foster carers in North Lincolnshire is down to hard work and dedication from the fostering team to recruit more carers.

Last year (2013/14) 19 foster carers were recruited and 10 people have been recruited so far this year (2014/15).

The North Lincolnshire fostering service is judged by Ofsted as ‘Outstanding’. It processes fostering applications two months ahead of the national requirement, helping people realise their dreams of becoming a carer and having a family of their own.

Taking the time to look into fostering is a first step towards a rewarding challenge for some people.

Heather Hoggart-McKue who has recently become a foster carer talks about her first foster child: “I often wonder how I would fill my time had I chosen not to become a foster carer, but I don’t get time to dwell on that thought as there is always someone pulling me from my reverie and needing my attention.

“Our foster child has settled in very well now and we are spending time teaching her new things and taking her to new places.

“We are lucky enough to have made lots of new friends within the fostering circle and often meet up with other families to share an adventure or two! We also have some cracking days out - Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Eureka and tea parties on special occasions. We laugh, we cry, we shout - but most of all we support each other!

“Our foster child will be moving on sometime soon, to a forever family and we will once again open our home, arms and hearts to another child who needs nurturing and encouraging. While we won’t forget our first foster child, we will give the next one the same amount of time, support and love when they come into our family.

“Thinking of becoming a foster carer? Go for it! It’s the best decision we ever made.”

Do you think you could look after a child or young person in your home while their own family is unable to do so?

Some children may return to their birth families or other family members. Some may move on to a permanent home through adoption. Others may remain in foster care until they are ready to live independently.

If you are interested in becoming a foster carer and would like to find out more contact the North Lincolnshire fostering team on 01724 297024.

Tracy Eaden, Principal Officer Regulatory and Support for Children’s Services at North Lincolnshire Council, said: “This is fantastic news. It is wonderful that our fostering team has been highlighted and recognised for the great service it provides. North Lincolnshire council believes in families first and family based care and has invested heavily in fostering services. The team works extremely hard to recruit and retain foster carers in North Lincolnshire as they play a vital role in many children and young peoples’ lives.

“Foster carers provide a loving home for children before they are placed with a permanent family. If you think you could offer a loving home for a child get in contact with our fostering team.”