Plans drawn up to combat'˜appalling' state of verges

Plans are underway in Woodhall Spa to improve the condition of grass verges which have been described as disgrace by residents and apalling by parish councillors.
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The verges have been at the centre of complaints for months with claims indiscriminate parking is ruining what should be features of the village.

The problem is particularly bad in the Coronation Road area and residents have contacted the News, raising concerns again.

Parish councllors confirmed they have reached agreement with Lincolnshire County Council to install protective verge markers.

In the meantime, the parish council has appealed to keep off verges.

District councillor Craig Leyland said he shared concerns about the state of the verges but highlighted the fact two new car parks - planned as part of an expansion of the LKinema in the Woods - would ease the problems.

One resident, who did not want to be named, told the News: “The sludgy muddy verges are now ugly and are embarrassing, especially when Woodhall is approaching tourist season.”

In a statement, the parish council said: “The state of many of the verges in the village is appalling, due in the main to vehicular traffic.

“We have been trying for many months to get permission from Highways to install protective verge markers on many of the most important verges in the village. “This has finally been granted, with the condition that the parish council consult with any affected house owners.”

The parish council acknowledged admitted the markers were not a definitive answer and called for a ‘joined up’ approach to protect verges.

The statement added: “There is little point in preventing car parking on a verge if the problem simply moves to the next closest piece of grass.

“Instead, there needs to be a joined up approach so that verges are protected where possible but that adequate alternative car parking is provided sufficiently nearby.

“The classic example is the verges on Coronation Road where visitors to the Kinema and the Tea House in the Woods compete for the very few places to park, until the new car parking areas in the woods are made available for public use.

“The parish council have agreed a rolling programme of verge protection and maintenance which we will be launching at the Annual Parish Meeting.

“In the meantime, we plead to both residents, visitors and contractors to stay off our verges.”

Andrew Ratcliffe, local highways manager for the county council, said: “This (the verges) is on our radar. We’re planning to install marker posts along the verges to discourage people from parking there, which is what is causing the issue.

“However, we’re unable to give a firm date for when this work will take place, as our efforts are currently focused on dealing with the large number of potholes caused by the winter weather.

“Off street parking is also being provided as part of the developments in the area, but won’t be available until further down the line.”

Coun Leyland said the new car parks had to be completed before work on the Kinema extention could start.