Rasen pool campaigners will fight on

Campaigners have said they will 'keep hounding' West Lindsey District Council in a bid to get a swimming pool in Market Rasen after councillors drowned them out.

The authority’s full council voted in majority to take “no further action” over a swimming pool at their planned leisure centre in the town, with only six councillors voting the other way, after campaigners presented their petition on Monday night.

June Clark, from Market Rasen Action Group, who presented the petition, said the result was as expected, and reiterated her thoughts that West Lindsey weren’t taking into account residents’ thoughts.

She said: “The need is there. There are people travelling all over spending money on petrol. That money could be coming back into Market Rasen.”

She raised concerns the council would carry on voting the pool down in the future.

However, she said: ”We’ll keep on. We’ll have a look at how this has gone down, maybe rephrase the question and come back in a couple of months to put another question to them. Basically just keep saying we’re here, please listen to us.”

Resident and campaigner Julie Lambie said the campaign group was “not going to give up fighting this.”

She said: “Rasen needs a pool. Every child needs to learn to swim and that’s a life saver and these are reasons we need to keep fighting for a pool.”

She said pools were good for those with disabilities, not just those wanting to “pump iron”.

She added: “We will still keep hounding West Lindsey District Council and we all still keep petitioning in different and new aspects,”

Plans to build the leisure centre off Gainsborough Road were announced in June.

At the meeting on Monday (November 12), Council leader Jeff Summers reiterated a series of previous comments, including that consultation had taken place, that the pool is unsustainable and would require “significant subsidy”

He said the proposed facility will provide a wide range of activities for all ages and abilities.

He said the recent demonstration event showed “significant support” for the proposed development.

He concluded: “The leisure facility is a significant investment built on a solid evidence base.”