Remembrance will go ahead – but relocated from Sleaford Market Place this year

Last year's Remembrance event in Sleaford Market Place.Last year's Remembrance event in Sleaford Market Place.
Last year's Remembrance event in Sleaford Market Place.
There will have to be a change of location to Sleaford’s Remembrance Sunday parade and service due to North Kesteven District Council’s planned revamp works to the Market Place.

According to the council, delays to the commencement of the works have caused slippage in the timings which would have ended in good time to allow for access for the annual Act of Remembrance at the War Memorial in November.

The council explained a June to December timescale mentioned last July was revised late last year meaning works could conclude sooner, by mid to late October.

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Due to delays in planning approval and a failed application for judicial review by the town council, a contractor could not be appointed and so work will now not complete until December.

The council is in discussions with the Royal British Legion, parish church and other parties to secure alternative arrangements, reverting back to normal in 2025.

Jonathan Darrington-Slegg, chairman of the Royal British Legion Sleaford branch, confirmed that Remembrance will go ahead, saying: “Our position is one of logic rather than being emotionally charged. We do not align ourselves to any protests groups.

“There will be an event, to the same expected scale and to the approved standards of ceremony but dislocated from the Market Square. We are seeking to create a temporary area to hold the wreath laying ceremony, with the re-location of wreaths to the war memorial undertaken by the RBL post-event, later on the same day.”