Sleaford and North Hykeham MP Caroline Johnson latest MP to resign - as Boris Johnson also set to resign

Sleaford and North Hykeham MP Caroline Johnson has this morning (Thursday) become the latest MP to resign from her position - as Prime Mnister Boris Johnson is also reportedly set to resign as Conservative leader.
Dr Caroline JohnsonDr Caroline Johnson
Dr Caroline Johnson

In her resignation letter, published on her social media account, Dr Johnson, who was until this morning the Vice Chair of the Conservative Party, said: “This is not a decision I have arrived at lightly, and it has been an honour to work as part of your team. I have been loyal and supported you throughout your time as Prime Minister since you took office in 2019.”Dr Johnson said in her letter that, overtime, the culminative effect of the Prime Minister’s “errors of judgment and domestic actions have squandered the goodwill the party” and pleaded with Mr Johnson to “make a dignified exit”.

The letter continued: “Thank you for the opportunity to serve and for all the positive achievements that have come with your leadership of the last three years.

“It is important now that you make a dignified exit so that you will still be remembered for your successes.

"I believe that attempting to stay when the writing is on the wall can only damage our Party and therefore our country."

Dr Johnson confirmed that she will remain committed to the values of the party, and will work in the best interests of her constituents in Sleaford and North Hykeham.

Dr Johnson was one of multiple MPs and ministers to resign from their roles over the last two days in light of revelations that Mr Johnson gave Tamworth MP Chris Pincher a government role, despite being told about a misconduct complaint against him.

Louth & Horncastle MP Victoria Atkins announced that she would be resigning as Justice Minister, citing the “fractured values” that have occurred during Mr Johnson’s leadership as her reasons for resigning, and that she could no longer give him the “benefit of the doubt”.

On Tuesday, Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Health Secretary Sajid Javid resigned within minutes of each other, and yesterday today more than 50 MP resignations have occurred.

And this morning, it has now been announced that the Prime Minister is also set to resign – follow this link for all the latest updates.