Sleaford veterans of Aden conflict in Yemen join parade

British Army Veterans from Sleaford who served at Aden in Yemen took part in a parade and service to mark 50 years since the British evacuated.
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The Fenland Branch of the Aden Veterans Association (AVA) paraded along with 700 others at York Minister to commemmorate the 1967 departure - as a tribute to the servicemen and civilians who gave their lives in the conflict at the former British colony.

Mike Smith, president of the local branch, said: “The Yemen, unfortunately, features regularly in current news bulletins. Some 50 years ago part of it was in the news with British troops caught in the cross fire of two organisations that sought to take control of the port of Aden and neighbouring territory. Life in Aden bore little relationship to the recent BBC Last Post series, supposedly based in Aden. The British left this area having been in charge since 1839, occupied as an important port on the way to the British Empire in the East.

“On November 29, to the date 50 years ago when the British finally evacuated, opening the way for the occupied areas to be taken over by the Yemen, this date was marked by a parade and service at York Minster. The local Fenland branch was well represented on the day. Sleaford supplies a significant part of the National, and also the Fenland committee.”

The AVA is open to all who served or were there as dependants in Aden. For details visit or call 01526 833 273 .