Speeding issues along busy village street but '˜no' to one-way

A Speed Indicator Device installed on a busy street in Heckington has revealed that 40 per cent of the 10,000-plus vehicles to pass by were speeding.

Heckington. EMN-180607-141042001

Parish Councillor Andy Garlick announced the figures at last week’s council meeting when he added that some vehicles were topping 60mph in a 30mph limited zone on Hale Road.

He said that the following week he left the machine - part of the Community Speed Watch scheme - there for a second week and the numbers speeding had reduced by 10 per cent.

“We will now make that position one of our routine places for putting the device,” he said.

Councillors agreed that it was definitely having the desired effect.

A straw poll run by the council through the village magazine and Facebook had found that the majority of those responding did not want a one-way system around the centre of the village to reduce congestion. It had been suggested after a meeting with highways county officials. Comments felt it may turn the village streets into a “race track”, it was reported.

In another traffic issue, the manager of the local depot of electricity supplier SSE was asked is something could be done about the large number of his company’s vans parking and clogging up the village centre’s streets. It was explained they hold a weekly team briefing in the village’s Methodist Church Hall. Councillors have suggested that staff should consider car sharing when attending the meetings or choose an alternative meeting venue with more parking facilities such as the sports pavilion.