The Brexit Party tops poll for East Midlands in European Elections

The Brexit Party has topped the poll in the European Elections for the East Midlands region, which includes Lincolnshire.

Brexit candidates  for Lincolnshire and the East Midlands celebrating in Kettering. ANL-190527-070402001
Brexit candidates for Lincolnshire and the East Midlands celebrating in Kettering. ANL-190527-070402001

The results are:

Brexit Party - 452,321

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Lib Dems - 203,989

New Brexit MEP for Lincolnshire and the East Midlands Annunziata Rees-Mogg speaking on the BBC after the first set of results showing the Party leading the poll.

Labour - 164,682

Cons - 126,138

Green - 124,630

UKIP - 58,198

The count for the Europeon Elections took place at Tedder Hall in Louth. ANL-190526-093407001

Change UK - 41,117

Independent Network - 7,641

The top Brexit Party candidate for the East Midlands, Annunziata Rees-Mogg - who lives near Skegness - spoke to this newspaper from the regional count at Kettering.

She told us; “This is a monumental moment in British politics.

“Our results give us three MEPs which is a great result for The Brexit Party.

“It’s a brand new party and we started from absolutely nothing, but the disillusionment with all the big parties has helped us give a voice for what people, including those where I live in Lincolnshire, called for in the first place - a combination of democracy and delivering Brexit.

”We now have to get the Government to wake up, so we can leave Europe on October 31.”

Liberal Democtrats came second in the poll nationally and Lincolnshire’s seasoned MEP Bill Newton-Dunn took time out to comment: “I am very delighted to be back, again at the service of Lincolnshire people.

“It will be my seventh term representing Lincolnshire as their MEP.

“There are many problems for us to try to solve, including Climate Change and Brexit.

“I’m keen to hear everybody’s views and opinions.”

Five seats were allocated for the East Midlands and MEPs are:

• Brexit Party - Annunziata Rees-Mogg

• Brexit Party - Jonathon Bullock

• Lib Dems - William Newton-Dunn

• Labour - Rory Palmer

• Brexit Party - Matthew Patten

The count for East Lindsey got underway at Tedder Hall in Manby, near Louth, yesterday evening.

The overall turnout in East Lindsey for the European Elections was 35.17% (38,276 verified votes).

This compares with 31.28% for the local elections.

The result of the count in East Lindsey is:

Change UK – The Independent Group - 938

Conservative and Unionist Party - 4520

Green Party - 2509

Independent Network - 323

Labour Party - 2372

Liberal Democrats - 4208

The Brexit Party - 20454

UK Independence Party (UKIP) UKIP Make Brexit Happen 2543

Simon Louis Rood - Independent 155