Thorntons withdraws Praline Melts from Tesco stores over ‘may contain nuts’ warning

Chocolate company Thorntons has withdrawn a batch of Thorntons Praline Melts which were supplied to Tesco stores only.
Thortons Praline Melts.Thortons Praline Melts.
Thortons Praline Melts.

This action has been taken as a limited number of the cartons may have an incorrect ingredients label on the back of the pack making a ‘may contain nuts’ rather than ‘contains nuts’ statement.

The exact product name is Thorntons Praline Melts (200g), with a batch code of L802315 and best before date of 30/11/2015.

Tesco has already withdrawn this product from sale but any customers who are allergic to nuts and may have purchased this product are advised not to eat them.

They are asked to return them to the Tesco store from which they were purchased for a full refund.

Alternatively, the product can be sent to: Customer Services, Thornton Park, Somercotes, Alfreton, Derbyshire DE55 4XJ. Postage will be refunded.

Relevant Allergy Support Organisations have been contacted to inform them of the issue so that they may advise their members.

A spokesman for Thorntons said: “Thorntons takes food safety very seriously and apologises that, in this instance, the product did not pass its quality standards and assurance procedures.”

No other products are affected.