VIDEO: EU is part of everyday life if we like it or not

Having started the day in Brussels, MEP Emma McClarkin literally flew in to talk to Lincolnshire residents about EU issues this week.

MEP Emma McClarkin EMN-140327-102209001
MEP Emma McClarkin EMN-140327-102209001

She was back on the campaign trail in the county ahead of the forthcoming European election on Thursday May 22.

The sitting Conservative MEP for the East Midlands for the last five years and still the youngest British face in Brussells, Ms McClarkin said that although she represents 4.2million people in a parliament hundreds of miles from Lincolnshire, local issues were still important.

She said: “The EU effects day to day life, what we wear, what we eat, how we build houses. Whether people like the EU or not, it is part of our lives.

MEP Emma McClarkin EMN-140327-102209001

“The hard part of my job is telling people why it matters to their lives.

“I have campaigned for rural broadband to help keep communities like those in Lincolnshire connected. I get numerous letters from farmers who want to diversify their business but cannot because of connectivity. We have been looking at reforms to the common agricultural policy.

“Local experiences help me when making the case in Brussels.”

There are five MEPs for the East Midlands, Liberal Democrat Bill Newton Dunn, Labour’s Glenis Willmott as well as UKIP’s Roger Helmer and Derek Clark.

But Ms McClarkin spent Wednesday afternoon telling voters in Lincolnshire that if they wanted their say on the EU, the Conservatives were the only option.

She added: “The destiny of this country is linked to the relationship with the EU. If people want their say on the future of Europe they have to come out and vote Conservative.

“If you want to have your in or out choice on Europe then vote Conservative.

“Our relationship with the EU has been this way for 40 years. The referendum on membership took place before I was born. A whole generation have not had their say on our relationship with the EU.

“We want to make sure we have control of immigration here. We want to put measures in place to stop people moving here to claim benefits. We want to move powers back to Westminster.”