VIDEO: North Kesteven councillors back bid for fairer Government funding for Lincolnshire

A campaign to lobby Central Government for Fairer Funding for Lincolnshire has been overwhelmingly supported by North Kesteven District Council.

Leader of NKDC Coun Richard Wright. EMN-170331-102632001
Leader of NKDC Coun Richard Wright. EMN-170331-102632001

At a Full Council meeting yesterday evening (Thursday), Leader of the Council, Coun Richard Wright, tabled a motion asking councillors to agree to join with other authorities across Greater Lincolnshire to get a higher share of money from the central pot, as figures show that when compared with other areas, Greater Lincolnshire misses out on £116 million a year - £239 less for every home compared with the England average.

Coun Wright said the formula used by successive Governments needs to change as it doesn’t recognise the size of the county, the profile of the population and the relatively low wage local economy.

He added: “I’m pleased councillors have supported the motion for fairer funding.

“This isn’t just about North Kesteven District Council, it’s a problem all authorities in the area are facing so we need to join together to tackle it.

“We are consistently delivering high-quality, well-regarded services against an ever-changing financial climate.

“A better deal for the area would pay for vital new infrastructure, such as improved transport, money for schools and health services and investment in affordable housing as well as services people want and expect, such as more money for health and care services to reflect our changing demographics.

“It is not right that Greater Lincolnshire is left behind other places with its funding. Its needs and challenges are just as important as anywhere else.”

The motion read:

“For a number of years, the Greater Lincolnshire area has consistently experienced relatively low levels of central government financial support in comparison with other parts of England and Wales. The current funding formula does not recognise the issues faced by this area. It is essential that the Greater Lincolnshire councils as a whole, adopt a proactive and co-ordinated approach to lobby for a fair share of government funding for the area and without detriment to any council.

“Although campaigns have operated in the past to engage government and a wide range of stakeholders to gain support for a better financial deal for public services in Greater Lincolnshire, with a new government now in place the time is considered right to re-engage with relevant stakeholders to lobby for appropriate funding for the Greater Lincolnshire area.

“I ask council that we agree to collectively lobby government for a fairer funding deal for Greater Lincolnshire authorities and our statutory partners, in addition to our ongoing work to secure resources for the economy, infrastructure, housing and community projects in North Kesteven.”