'˜Vote Leave' action day gets '˜positive response' in Lincolnshire

Activists campaigning for Britain to leave the EU have hailed Saturday's (March 12) day of action as a big success.
Vote Leave campaigners in Boston EMN-160313-085234001Vote Leave campaigners in Boston EMN-160313-085234001
Vote Leave campaigners in Boston EMN-160313-085234001

Supporters of the UK leaving the EU have taken to the streets in Boston, Skegness, Horncastle, Spalding and Grantham as part the Vote Leave campaigns’s ‘Take Control Day’.

In Market Rasen Grassroots Out’s Super Saturday campaigners promoted the same message.

Horncastle Vote Leave campaigner Lesley Pounder said: “The campaign went well today lots of positive feedback.

“Decisions already made by many and people were really pleased to see that Vote Leave and Grassroots were working together, no political agenda, just working with one voice, vote to leave.

“The one theme running throughout was people who were unsure felt that there is not enough information out there, they want hard facts not spin, scaremongering or in fighting. They want simple hard facts.”

Vote Leave’s South Holland and The Deepings spokesman, Craig Jackson said there was a ‘tremendously positive response’ from people in Spalding town centre.

Volunteers manned stalls and handed out leaflets, pens and posters, with hundreds of people expressing their support for the campaign to leave the EU.

Mr Jackson said: “Hundreds of local people we met in Spalding expressed their support for our campaign to leave the European Union and will be ‘Voting to Leave’ on Thursday, June 23.

“The vast majority of people supported the positive reasons to Vote Leave and take back control.

“If people vote to leave the EU we can take back control over our laws. Lots of people are concerned by the democratic deficit that exists with new laws and regulations being imposed upon us by the unelected and unaccountable European Commission.

“We can build a fairer, safer, points based immigration system that can effectively control the number of people that can come and live and work in the UK. In five years time Turkey, Albania and the countries of the former Yugoslavia will be joining the EU. That is an extra 100 million people who will be allowed under EU law to live and work in Britain. Even if only 10 per cent do so our public services and housing would buckle under the extra pressure.

“We send over £350 million to the EU every week – enough to build, staff and equip a modern Peterborough sized hospital every week of the year. If we Vote Leave we can spend that money on our own priorities like the NHS, schools and housing.

“Britain has always been a global trading nation – our trade with the rest of the world is growing rapidly whilst that with the EU is shrinking. At the moment the UK has no trade deals with the fastest growing economies like China and India, or our Commonwealth partners like Canada, Australia and New Zealand. If we Vote Leave we can have a friendlier trade based relationship with the EU, and make our own free trade agreements with those countries.”

The EU Referendum will take place on Thursday, June 23, 2016.

Members of the public attending the polling booths will be asked the question ‘Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?”.

The options for voters to place their cross next to will be either ‘Remain a member of the European Union’ and ‘Leave the European Union’.