POLL RESULTS: What YOU said about trick or treating

Every Halloween, the issue of trick or treating comes under the spotlight.

While some people think letting their children dress as witches or ghosts and going from door to door is an integral part of the annual celebrations, others say it’s essentially teaching our kids the wrong message, encouraging them to ‘demand sweets with menaces’.

Yesterday, we asked you what you thought and we had hundreds of votes in our online poll, with the results being very close.

Fifty three per cent of those taking part said they thought trick or treating was a nuisance, with 47 per cent saying it’s just harmless fun.

The issue created a good debate on our Facebook pages as well.

Mick Austin said: “Some very miserable people about, let’s ban Halloween, ban bonfire night, ban Christmas, and anything else that makes people have a reason to see their kids have smile on their faces we #wewereallyoungonce.”

And Sheila Baker said: “Do we live in America NO? Do we need trick or treat NO? It’s just like baby showers and school prom, why do we need to try to be America?”