Popular cycle ride

SIXTEEN Aegir Cycling Club riders took part at some time on Sunday in a leisure ride to Messingham.

They were Daniel Nicholson, Loll Dickenson, Colin Smith, Trevor Halstead, Peter Hanks, David Chaffey, Michel Dawson, Matt Hindmarsh, Sophie Hindmarsh (eight), Liam Hindmarsh (12), Rachel Bradford and Hedley Stennett, and ridding tandems were Derek Sanderson and Helen Coleman and Bob Fotheringham and Dave Day.

Lunch was taken at A Bite To Eat Café and the ride home was through Susworth, Laughton Woods and Morton.

On Sunday 23rd October there is a morning ride finishing at Gainsborough Beer Festival in the Old Hall - meet Roseway, Gainsborough, at 9am (suitable for families and beginners).

For more information about the club and the CTC contact Trevor Halstead on 01427 617752.