Popular family butchers to close down after 65 years

Louth family-run butchers M N Robinson & Sons is set to close its doors for the final time on New Year's Eve.

Phillip Robinson and Richard Fenwick at M N Robinson & Sons.

The popular butchers shop, based in Vickers Lane, has been owned and run by the Robinson family for around 65 years after it was 
bought by the father of current owners, brothers Philip (65) and Paul (71).

Their cousin, Richard Fenwick, also runs the shop, and Paul’s daughter Mandy also helps out in the shop - ensuring that the business has been kept a true family affair.

Philip and Paul, who have owned the shop for around 16 years since their father died, have decided to close the shop due to a combination of age and ill-health.

Philip told the Leader that he is going to ‘enjoy a lay in’ after he retires, after many years of getting up at quarter past five every morning.

After suffering a heart attack two years ago, followed by bad attacks of angina, Philip now gets very tired on occasions, which contributed to the decision to retire.

Philip said: “I just want to thank our customers very, very much for their loyal custom over the years. We’ve had a nice time of it, and we’ve had some very good customers.

“Don’t get me wrong, there are some good butchers in Louth, but we didn’t want to hand out customers over to strangers - so we decided to stay open for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

“But when we shut that door at half past one on December 31, that is the last time.”

Philip continued: “I shall miss the business, and I shall miss meeting the people.

“I’ll miss it because I have got no interests whatsoever outside of the business.

Philip confirmed that they had sold the property but not the business, and added that they do not know what will be happening with the building.

“I think that by the time we’ve finished, we will have had a very good Christmas and New Year. It’s nice to go out on a high, and it has come at the right time for us all.

“I wasn’t looking forward to retirement at first, but I must admit I am now.

“To be quite honest, before we announced we were closing, I would have never thought that people thought so much of us. It has been really lovely, and we’ve received some lovely cards. Thank you all, once again .”