Positive survey results for Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust

Community-based NHS staff are motivated and engaged and would recommend Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust (LCHS) as a place to work and receive treatment, according to the latest national NHS Staff Survey.


When compared to other community trusts, LCHS scored higher on average in 11 of 32 key findings.

Staff felt that care of patients was the organisation’s top priority, with LCHS scoring higher than similar trusts and higher than their score in 2014.

The overall engagement score increased to 3.85 which is higher than 2014 and also higher than the national average for other community trusts.

The survey was conducted by the Department of Health and is recognised as an important way of ensuring that staff views inform local improvements and input into local and national assessments of quality and safety.

LCHS is the county’s largest provider of community healthcare, with specialist nurses, therapists and wider teams caring for thousands of patients in services supporting the whole family at home, in community hospitals, clinics minor injuries units and walk in centre.

Andrew Morgan, Chief Executive at LCHS, said: “I am really pleased to see positive results in this year’s Staff Survey. We aspire to be an organisation that both clinical and non-clinical staff would choose to work for and one that staff would recommend to provide care for their own families. There is no greater accolade.”

The survey found that staff would be willing to recommend the trust as a place to work and receive treatment. It also found that staff felt motivated and engaged with their work.

Maz Fosh, Director of Workforce and Transformation at LCHS, added: “We are pleased with the results and recognise there are areas where we need to continue our efforts. Our overall engagement score is important as it has a positive link with better patient outcomes.

“We will be analysing the results in great detail and addressing those areas where more work is needed, particularly the quality of non-mandatory training, learning or development. As part of the appraisal process we are capturing training and development needs and we will be putting together a full training plan. We have already made lots of changes to the mandatory training we provide which should be reflected in the next survey results.”

The full NHS Staff Survey results are available here: www.nhsstaffsurveys.com/Caches/Files/NHS_staff_survey_2015_RY5_full.pdf