Pot Bellies out in front of Hotspots

Skegness Domino League
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The latest local sports news.


Division One: Ex-Service Squares 4 Bell Ringers 5, Pot Bellies 5 Ex-Service Hotspots 4, Railroad Robbers 4 Railroad Rangers 5, Seaview Nil 4 Ex-Service W 5.

Division Two: Ex-Service Shufflers 5 Garden City 4, Liberal B 5 Finnigans 4, Railroad Xl 5 Ex-Service Newbies 4, Stumblers 4 WMC Sambucas 5.

The 3-0 table winners: Alan Ellis (Liberal B), J. Ferneyhough (Liberal B), P. Fry (WMC Sambucas), S. Godber (Ex-Service W), B. Humphries (Railroad Rangers), P. Jones (Railroad Rangers), J. Mcpake (WMC Sambucas), Dave Wagstaffe (Ex-Service W).