Pothole nightmare almost over for Louth residents

One of Louth’s main streets is set to get some much-needed repairs this summer, following strong campaigning from the local community.

Residents from the St Bernard's Avenue area.

Almost two years ago, in July 2017, this newspaper reported how residents of St Bernard’s Avenue had called for the ‘dangerous’ and ‘damaging’ potholes on the road to be repaired - with over 800 people signing a petition on the issue, led by town and district councillor Ros Jackson.

However, at that time, Lincolnshire County Council’s highways department said that such repairs would have to wait while busier and poorer roads were dealt with.

Now, the council has revealed that it will carry out the essential repairs between the significant stretch of St Bernard’s Avenue between the junction with Eastgate, and Sycamore Drive - which shares the same mini roundabout as the entrance to the Meridian Leisure Centre.

Councillor Ros Jackson with some of the potholes in St Bernard's Avenue.

Mark Heaton, programme leader for surfacing and patching at Lincolnshire County Council, told the Leader: “As planned, during the summer, we’ll be carrying out extensive repairs on St Bernard’s Avenue, between the Eastgate junction and Sycamore Drive.

“This will involve fully resurfacing the road, along with extensive maintenance to the concrete below.

“Exact dates aren’t available just yet, but it’s likely to happen around July/August time.

!We know this is something the local community has been calling for, and can assure people the road will be in much better shape after the repairs have been made.”

Councillor Ros Jackson told the Leader: “I’m really pleased this is going to happen.

“I took a petition about the road to the county council in 2017 to represent residents’ need for a safer road surface.

“People living in St Bernard’s Avenue and the surrounding area are furious about the dangers presented by the road, and have been really frustrated by the time it has taken the county council to budget for this.

“From August, this will mean one of Louth’s main roads will be far safer.