Potholes are 'so bad I haven't enough paint', says campaigner

Bugsy - Lincolnshire's notorious pothole painter - says the roads in the Skegness area are so bad she hasn't enough paint to highlight them all.

Sea Road, Ingoldmells.
Sea Road, Ingoldmells.

The update on her continued battle for an improvement in the county's highways comes as Lincolnshire County Council calls on communities to tell them their pothole stories.

Karan Holland, who first became known two years ago when she was so infuriated by the damage done to her car by a pothole in the Spilsby area she started painting bugs around them, said the situation is a 'joke'.

"To be honest, all the roads are bad around Spilsby and Skegness - I haven't got enough paint," she said.

The temporary fix in Ancaster Avenue, Spilsby, which is now being repaired properly.

"But the council did promise to do the pavements on Ancaster Avenue in Spilsby and to do them properly, which they have done.

"In other parts of Spilsby they used slurry seal and didn't kill the weeds, so they are coming through again now.

"I've lost count how many times the potholes have been filled in Old Market Avenue for them to start crumbling again."

The latest call from Lincolnshire County Council follows the launch of the ‘Fix Our Funds To Fix Our Roads’ campaign last Monday with a letter to the Secretary of State for Transport.

Scarbrough Avenue in Skegness has continued to be blighted with potholes.

LCC has now launched a webpage for people to visit and add their support.

The county council is now asking residents to write to their MP and share stories of the roads they use, which can be done at www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/highwaysfunding.

Coun Richard Davies, executive member for highways, said: “It’s essential that we hear from residents about the state of our county’s road network. Every single voice and every pothole story will play a role in telling Government how serious this issue is to all of us.

“The new webpage, www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/highwaysfunding, offers a hub for people to find out more and to get involved by sharing stories that we can pass on to MPs and Government, as well linking to where people can write to their local MP direct.

“Lincolnshire people who have to use crumbling roads on a daily basis are being punished by this underfunding from the Department for Transport, so we need every resident who’s had enough to help us with our new ‘Fix Our Funds To Fix Our Roads’ funding campaign.

“People power really matters and hearing from Lincolnshire residents directly will add real strength to our campaign to fix our funds so we can fix our roads,” said Coun Davies.

“When the Government brings in over £25 billion a year from fuel duty alone, it’s hard to understand why we’ve had to use money from our reserves to fill the £12 million left by roads maintenance grant cuts.

“It’s crucial that we get this money back because, without it, people will see our roads get worse.”

Coun Carl Macey, the LCC councillor on Skegness Town Council, said: "Potholes are one of the biggest issues raised with me on a daily basis,

"it is vitally important that not only us, as councillors, continue to press out MP’s and in turn the government, but for our residents to also be pressing them also,

"it is clear that without the government reinstating the £12m our road infrastructure will suffer further, which is not acceptable to our residents who deserve to have a good standard of roads."

The problem has also been raised to other councillors in the area.

Coun Adrian Findley, of Skegness Town Council, who runs the Bugsy potholes KCH Skegness branch on Facebook, said: "I regularly report endless potholes all around Skegness and if I’m lucky they’ll patch them up.

"The big problem in Skegness is our roads are between 30 and 50 years old with total disregard for motorists.

"It must cost thousands every year claims but we get virtually nothing in return for the huge amount of council tax LCC receive from Skegness.

"They’ve just had £150 million on the Lincoln bypass and now North Hykeham.

"We struggle to fill a pothole in Skegness."

Ingoldmells Parish Councillor Steve Walmsley said: "i am appalled at the state of our roads in Ingoldmells.

"The lack of maintenance and shoddy workmanship by LCC is unacceptable.

"I have reported over 49 problems on Fix My Street on Sea Lane between Tesco Express and Hurdman Way.

"Some have been repaired badly and are still causing problems for vehicle of all types.

"Potholes are causing major vibrations in local housing and shops which in turn cause cracks in some properties. i know of at least one cracked sewer pipe.

"LCC need to start doing better."

To get involved visit www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/highwaysfunding to share your personal stories about the county’s roads. You’ll also find videos, a template letter to MPs and more information relating to the ‘Fix Our Funds To Fix Our Roads’ campaign.

You can also get in touch with your local MP directly by visiting www.writetothem.com.