Praise for heroes at multi-vehicle accident in Ingoldmells

A hero who leapt into action to help rescue a family from a burning car has praised the team response to a multi-vehicle accident in Ingoldmells.

Car Moore had jumped off a bus near Butlins when he saw a three car pile-up and the traffic building up.

The former security guard from Derby, who just happened to be in the area to work on his caravan, said he was first on the scene and took no hesitation in seeing if he could help.

“I heard a screech and bang. Children were screaming in a van and the vehicle was smoking. It was as if the occupants were in shock, but I knew they had to get out.” he said.

“It was instinct really - I got the mum and kids out of the van and reassured them until the police and ambulance came.”

While he was looking after the family, he said staff from Butlins who had seen the accident also came to help.

“They did an amazing job calming the traffic and helping at the scene - it was a real team effort.”

Lincolnshire Police confirmed the accident took place last Tuesday around 3.56pm. They said: “A white van, a silver Polo and black Lexus were involved. Minor injuries only.”

The following day T/Chief Insp Colin Haigh tweeted: “Big thanks to @Butlins #Skegness staff for assisting the emergency services yesterday. Following a multiple vehicle collision, security staff attended the wounded, helped direct traffic and were generally a great help.”

Chris Baron, Butlins resort director, said: “I am delighted their efforts have been recognised. It’s a difficult situation to go into, but I wasn’t surprised because our staff are always there to help.”

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