Preventing crimes in the summer time

With the clocks going forward last weekend, South Yorkshire Police are issuing crime prevention advice to protect peoples’ homes and belongings as summertime approaches.

Detective Chief Inspector Craig Robinson said: “Despite the wintry weather continuing into spring it’s still important to reiterate crime prevention measures at this time of year.”

“Longer daylight hours and, hopefully, warmer weather means people are likely to spend more time out and about.”

“It only takes seconds for someone to sneak through an unlocked door or to reach through an open window.”

“The holidays are usually a time for DIY, gardening and family activities, so please remember to lock away your equipment and ensure bikes are secure,” he added.

Sneak-in burglaries can easily be prevented by keeping the windows and doors locked.

Valuables should be kept out of view from prying eyes by putting them out of sight in cupboards or drawers.

Keep tools and gardening equipment in a locked shed and not lying around the garden.

For more crime prevention tips on how to protect property and valuables visit or register valuables free on