Pupils in Donington on Bain mark The Queen's 90th birthday

Donington on Bain Primary School held a celebratory assembly to mark The Queen's 90th birthday.

Pupils at Donington on Bain Primary School held celebrations for the Queen's 90th birthday.

Pupils at the school marked the occasion with cake, happy birthday banners, and party poppers.

The atmosphere was said to be charged and the children have learnt a lot about The Queen. Their education on Her Majesty includes knowing how many state visits she has been on, the fact that The Queen does not have a passport and that she is the Head of Church.

They also couldn’t believe that she has had 30 corgis over her lifetime and they learnt a whole range of other interesting facts as well. The children enjoyed special quizzes on Powerpoint and video and sang happy birthday to her Majesty.

Children also played a game of imagination: what would it be like to be a queen or king for a moment.

They got dressed up in special mantle and wore a crown, holding a sceptre and a Bible, and made some suggestions of knighthoods granted to teaching assistants and friends as well as special laws of turning all vegetables into sweets.

The children then spoke about our Servant Queen and the meaning of servanthood and what it means to us.

Overall, everyone had a fun day.