Pupils quiz fast drivers

SPEEDING motorists were left red faced when they were stopped and questioned by pupils from All Saints Primary on Wednesday.

Six vehicles were stopped in total on Scrooby Road, with one driver reaching a speed of 38 mph outside the school’s gates.

Harworth police officers helped the pupils record drivers’ speed before pulling them over if they were travelling more than 30 mph.

Embarrassed motorists then had the option to take a speeding ticket or answer questions put to them by the pupils face-to-face.

PC James Martin, who held the speed gun, said drivers will think twice next time before speeding.

He said: “The pupils highlighted speeding outside their school as a primary concern. We have been working closely with them about road safety and the implications of driving too fast.”

Officers were working with the school as part of the Helping Hands Awards Scheme.

The project encourages schools and their pupils to interact with the wider community.

Headteacher Kerrie Clowes said it was important to raise awareness over speeding and parking problems outside the school.

“It’s a concern because it can be dangerous for pupils,” she said.

“The children have devised a questionnaire and those who have been stopped have all decided to answer them.”

“Some of them have even given us their mobile number to come into school and explain why they were speeding.”

The school has pushed to get the speed of the road reduced to 20 mph.

Ms Clowes added: “We are a school on a main road. We want people to put the brakes on near our school for the children’s safety.”

There are already zig zag markings on the road and a speed sign warning drivers of their speed near to the school.

Pupil Georgia, 10, said: “We are asking them why they are speeding near a school, and they have all apologised.”

Notts County Council said it has no plans to change traffic measures outside the school at this time.

“However, we have contacted them with a view to working with them on road safety education at the school and are waiting for a repsonse,” said county road safety manager Pam Shaw.

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