Purrfect ending for Isle rescue's '˜colliery cat'

A cat rescued at the last-minute from the ruins of a shut-down pit site has a surprise happy ending to her tale.
Former Hatfield pit cat HattieFormer Hatfield pit cat Hattie
Former Hatfield pit cat Hattie

Black and white ‘Hattie’, who was taken in by the Isle Animal Rescue after demolition men at Hatfield colliery took pity on her, has been reunited with her own family.

Hattie, who featured in the Bells last week in her search for a new home, was found to be microchipped, and exploration by Caroline Morrell and Mandy Lythe of the Isle Rescue, revealed that her owners lived in Doncaster.

Mandy explained: “Hattie was microchipped and it turns out that she went missing from her owners’ six years ago. Her owners were stunned. They had searched for her for months and never thought they would see her again. They collected her on Friday in floods of tears! They have no idea how she got to Hatfield as they live eight miles away. Her real name is Tierney and she is 12 years old. An amazing story!”