Rasen Council approves Market Place closure plans

Market Rasen Town Council has voted in favour of a new strategy to deter residents from parking on the Market Place ahead of town events.
Event in Market Rasen's market placeEvent in Market Rasen's market place
Event in Market Rasen's market place

Councillors at the authority’s June meeting agreed to create a Market Place closure notice containing the words ‘by order of the town 

Deputy Mayor Steve Bunney said: “It gives that bit of clarity on it.

“It adds to the gravity of the notice.”

The move comes after vehicles have been left on the Market Place when it has been closed for events in the town, such as gardeners’ 

Councillors agreed that previous closure notices that have gone up have perhaps not been very effective due to being placed at difficult ‘angles’ for car drivers to 

And members said the council should invest in ‘more substantial’ chains and bollards, saying the current set were ‘a bit tired’ and did not fit the ground properly.

Discussing the latest event - Market Rasen Gardeners’ Market - Coun Bunney said: “One car was left [on the Market Place] overnight, which had been there Thursday night as well.”

In a general discussion on Market Place car parking, councillors said business owners parking on the Market Place did ‘restrict’ some opportunities for customers to park.

And Mayor John Matthews said the council was considering creating a disabled parking space on the Market