Rasen prom teenager opts for unusual arrival

When it comes to arriving at your high school prom, everyone wants to make an entrance - but one teenager really turned heads with his choice of transport.
Ronan Boyle on his pimped up mobility scooter EMN-170607-072147001Ronan Boyle on his pimped up mobility scooter EMN-170607-072147001
Ronan Boyle on his pimped up mobility scooter EMN-170607-072147001

Rather than arrive at the De Aston School prom in a sports car or tractor, Ronan Doyle chose a mobility scooter.

“It was a last-minute decision,” said the 16-year-old, “so we had a mad-dash to pimp it up.

“They (mobility scooters) should be made to look better for younger people who need to use them for health reasons, as they are quite dull; they need to look trendier.”

And Ronan’s arrival certainly caught the attention of his fellow students on his arrival at the prom venue, the White Heather at Caenby Corner.

Ronan’s mum Julie said: “Everyone was in hysterics.

“The laughter and applause was fantastic, from the cheers when he was riding on the road, to the groups of lads lined up and the students and parents in the carpark.

“He sped past the photographer and didn’t see her.”

A week later and Ronan is still a hot topic on social media with the video of his arrival.

Form tutor, Elizabeth Reynolds, was very complimentary about Ronan and head of year,Jon Miller, said it was ‘the best prom entrance’.

The scooter was hired from Rasen Mobility in the town’s Queen Street. The owner thought it was a brilliant idea.

Julie said: “She thought it was so funny but also highlighted that younger people do need to use mobility scooters for health reasons.

“The staff at Rase Mobility are wonderful and very professional. I’m sure next year they will be busy with rentals for prom night!”