Rasen street kerb branded '˜dangerous' after '˜numerous' falls - but council says it is fine

Shoppers in Market Rasen are repeatedly tripping on a '˜dangerous' kerb in the town centre - and there are fears someone will get seriously hurt.
The kerb in John Street, Market Rasen EMN-160418-094850001The kerb in John Street, Market Rasen EMN-160418-094850001
The kerb in John Street, Market Rasen EMN-160418-094850001

Walter’s estate agent manager Andy Smith is calling for something to be done about the kerb outside of his shop, in John Street, which he says rises too steeply and has left people shocked and injured.

Mr Smith said: “It’s dangerous, there’s no two ways about it.

“My concern is that someone really will hurt themselves.

“You’re waiting all the time for people to come crashing down.

“It’s the fact it (the kerb) comes up very sharply - it seems to take people by surprise and they lose footing.

“It’s happened on numerous occasions.

“We’ve had older ladies not only shook up but injured as well.

“Quite often you see people stay upright, but stumble.

“It’s not always older people, it’s young people and children as well.”

Mr Smith said there were a lot of elderly people in Market Rasen who may not cope well with a fall.

He said: “There must be something they can do.

“We’re becoming more and more of a retirement town - lots of people come here to retire.

“And it’s right in the middle of the town near the shops - it’s not down a back street.”

The kerb has been dropped in the centre to make it easier for disabled people to cross the road.

Mr Smith said: “People that are able to walk tend to go to that bit (the ‘dangerous’ part) - to leave the lower kerb for prams and wheelchairs.”

And resident Guy Grainger is also calling for 

He said: “I have reported the problem once again to the county council highways department - and I received an acknowledgement - but as yet the repair has not been carried out.

“I will keep on at LCC to get this done.”

Mr Grainger said he has previously reported the issue to LCC and that a small ramp was put down - then later removed for resurfacing work.

But Lincolnshire County Council say the kerb ‘meets the specification’.

LCC assistant highways manager Steve Wiles said: “John Street was resurfaced in November as 

“The road and kerbs meet the specification required for such a small, tight junction.

“The kerb outside the estate agent’s prevents vehicles from cutting this corner when turning into John Street, which local businesses have told us has happened in the past, and therefore makes the junction safer for pedestrians.

“For those with visual impairments, tactile paving is in place enabling them to cross safely. I would be happy to speak to anyone who thinks there is a problem with this junction.”

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