READER LETTER: Donate unwanted Christmas presents to us

This Christmas, British Heart Foundation (BHF) shops are appealing to people across the East Midlands to help fund life saving research by donating their unwanted Christmas presents to charity.

The average person receives at least one Christmas gift they don’t want each year, according to statistics released by the BHF1, and with over a quarter (29 per cent) of people in the East Midlands saying they feel guilty about getting a present they don’t want or won’t use, we’re urging the local community to turn this guilt into good by donating their unwanted Christmas gifts to BHF shops.We completely rely on the support of the community and last Christmas we were overwhelmed with the amazing gifts we received from people across the region. One person’s unwanted gift can be another person’s perfect present and 100 per cent of the profits raised from items donated will go into the fight against heart disease and fund the BHF’s life saving research.

BHF shops accept all kinds of unwanted gifts, everything from candles, Christmas jumpers, socks, games, handbags, books, DVDs and other items you no longer want. So this Christmas don’t hate it, donate it!To locate your nearest shop or to book a free collection visit or call 0844 412 5000.

Stacey Oldham

BHF Area Manager