RECENT NOSTALGIA: Enterprising Grammar students' business success

Six enterprising pupils from Boston Grammar School were having real success with a new business venture in March 2007.

The team of directors... (left-right, front) Des Lee, James Searles, (back) Libby Dawes, Tom Bogg, Dan Ladds and Wes Roberts. NJ 120307-056

Flashpoint Photography began trading the previous October after the Lower Sixth Form students were inspired by the Lincolnshire Young Enterprise Scheme to start up their own business.

Taking photos at parties, balls and other events, their business has taken off and, six months later, the profits are starting to roll in.

Wes Roberts, one of the company’s 17-year-old directors, said: “There were quite a lot of start-up costs, buying the photography equipment and so on, but we’re into profit now, which I reckon is pretty good after just a few months.”