'˜Red Box Project' will tackle period poverty in Louth

A team of kind-hearted people have launched the '˜Red Box Project' in Louth, in a bid to eradicate period poverty amongst young women.
Louth Red Box Project co-ordinator, Ellen Wright, with one of the recent collections.Louth Red Box Project co-ordinator, Ellen Wright, with one of the recent collections.
Louth Red Box Project co-ordinator, Ellen Wright, with one of the recent collections.

The national scheme, which has been expanding across the country following its launch last year, involves red boxes being placed in public locations for members of the public to donate sanitary towels, tampons, and pants.

Once the red boxes are full, they are placed in local schools and discreetly made available to young women who need them, when required.

In Louth, red boxes are available to receive donations in the Co-op store in Northgate, and in Louth Library.

One of the red boxes.One of the red boxes.
One of the red boxes.

Louth Red Box Project co-ordinator, Ellen Wright, said: “I collect the sanitary protection that has been 
donated by kind Louth residents and place it in local schools so that young women who don’t have access to sanitary protection, for whatever reason, can discreetly get some, should they need it.

“Local schools are doing amazing jobs supporting their students - but maybe we can all give the schools a small hand to help these girls?

“Period poverty is a real problem. But it’s an invisible one. Some girls just can’t afford sanitary protection.

“So what do they do? Use loo roll? A balled up sock? Or just miss school to save embarrassment? That’s disgraceful.

“I’m a university lecturer and I can’t bear the thought of young women being potentially disadvantaged because of their monthlies.”

Ellen continued: “So far we have two donation points in Louth. There is a red donation bin by the checkouts at the Co-op supermarket in Northgate, and there is also a red donation bin at Louth Library.

“The donation bin in the Co-op was full to overflowing with sanitary towels, tampons and new pairs of pants within less than a week, thanks to the generosity of Louth folk.

“I’m also hoping that some kind people will build buying a packet of towels into their weekly or monthly shopping habit. I want to provide long term support for these girls.

“If you’re a local business and want to buy our girls some bits, please get in touch.

“Similarly if you can help raising awareness, maybe take a poster from me or if you have an event I can attend - maybe to give a quick talk or run a stall - that would be splendid.”

You can follow the project on Twitter (via @BoxLouth), or find the group on Facebook.

The Red Box Project also has branches in Mablethorpe and Alford, Boston, and Sleaford. Visit www.redboxproject.org for more information.