Rehab for Isle’s released offenders

Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Grove has welcomed a new rehabilitation programme for offenders.

The Ministry of Justice has named Purple Futures as the preferred bidder to deliver rehabilitation services to offenders in the Humberside Police force area.

Purple Futures, a partnership organisation led by the Interserve Group, will supervise and manage the rehabilitation of prisoners who have been released back into the community, including prolific re-offenders who were sentenced to less than 12 months in


Community Rehabilitation Companies will focus on reducing reoffending by supporting offenders for a year after their release to try and stabilise their lives and prevent them committing further crimes.

The CRC’s will work alongside the National Probation Service who will be tasked with protecting the public from the most

serious offenders.

Matthew Grove said: “It was a national scandal that until recently, all offenders serving less than a year in prison have been released with no supervision whatsoever and in too many cases had reoffended within hours.

“It is also a fact that offenders on short prison sentences are the most likely to commit further crime when they are released,

and one of the reasons for this is the lack of time to deliver effective rehabilitation while they are in prison.

“No offender should ever be released from prison and left to their own devices. If they

have only served a short sentence there is every chance they will offend again and create more victims and more misery.”

He continued: “I welcome the announcement of Purple Futures as the preferred bidder for our area. I look forward to working in partnership with them and the National Probation Service to prevent crime, reduce the number of victims and make

our communities safer.”