Repairs ‘later this year’

Rotherham Council has said plans to repair parts of the A57 will take place later in the year.

Colin Knight, highway network manager for the council, said that the authority regularly fills pot holes on the A57 and other roads as part of its on-going objective to ensure Rotherham’s roads and footways are ‘maintained to nationally-recognised safety standards’.

He added: “Our highway inspection and enforcement team carry out routine safety highway inspections on a regular basis and where and when necessary - if the holes fall within the 40mm intervention level - they are repaired.”

“However, because of the recent continuing bad weather parts of the A57 now require much more substantial work that will not wait until the current redualling scheme has been completed.”

“Work has started on initial plans to resurface two large sections of the A57 on the Bassetlaw side of Todwick crossroads. Being a major route, this will obviously take time to be put into place.”

“Until these repair schemes actually begin later this year, we will continue to keep the road safe but would also welcome alerts from the public highlighting any defects on the road surface.”