Research reveals more than half of East Midlands parents are unsatisfied with their current home

Findings from a recent survey have revealed that in the East Midlands, 58% of parents with children of school age have considered moving to improve their family's prospects.


Estate agency firm Yopa has commissioned independent research to ask parents about their move motivators, priorities when looking for a new hometown, and how happy they are in their current area.

The research has revealed that the number one reason for parents moving their home around or away from the East Midlands is crime rate - with almost two fifths of those asked (39%) ranking this highest.

Other reasons include local Ofsted ratings, the amount of local attractions and amenities, access to outdoor green space, and then road safety.

It also revealed that three quarters (77%) of East Midlands children have an influence over their parents’ move decisions - compared to the national statistic of 69%.

Other findings are that only 13% of East Midlands parents believe their children will be better off than them financially in the future which is much lower than the national figure of 22% - showing one of the least positive outputs compared to the rest of the UK.

In addition, one in five local parents are concerned about the future impact of Brexit on their children (19%).

And when it comes to education in the East Midlands, over half (55%) of parents would actually consider quitting their jobs to home school their children for a better education.

A third (34%) of East Midlands mums and dad have also considered quitting their job for a higher paid role to provide a better life for their family.

But it’s not all bad... East Midlands parents might not like their current hometown or city, but almost half (45%) are still keen to stay in the region as they would move within a 50 mile radius of their current home.

David Jacobs, Yopa’s Co Founder said: “Our family home is usually the most expensive thing we invest in and this means we need to get the very best property for our money.

“The research shows some very interesting regional differences across Britain.

“We found people living in certain areas are far more likely to move further to find that ideal happy spot.”

• Yopa has developed an innovative online tool to help families identify the best location for a new home based on their individual move motivators and all important parenting factors.

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