Residents in Horncastle area urged to be aware of scams

A leading town and district councillor has urged residents in the Horncastle area to be aware of increasingly sophisticated scams.

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Councillor Fiona Martin says the level and audacity of many scams would ‘make your eyes water.’

Speaking at a meeting of Horncastle Town Council, earlier this month, Coun Martin said she had attended presentation at East Lindsey District Council on the increasing threat of scams.

Her comments came in Scam Awareness Month with several agencies - including Lincolnshire Police and Trading Standards Officers - uniting to highlight the dangers of scamming.

Coun Martin said elderly and lonely people are particularly vulnerable to cons.

She said she was aware one person in the county had been conned out of £1m and said scams like a supposed Australian Lottery were targeting individuals.

She said: “The level these individuals (scammers) go to really would make your eyes water.

“The agencies are doing a wonderful job to highlight the issues but the more we can do the better. The figures involved really are worrying.”

Town mayor Coun Brian Burbidge thanked Coun Martin for highlighting the issue and also praised agencies for their work in tackling the problem.

Coun Burbidge also said he would raise the issue of scamming on his next visit to a newly formed club for over-50s in Horncastle.

The club, run by East Lindsey based TED, meets on Wednesday afternoons (2-4pm) at the former Youth Centre off Jubilee Way.

Coun Burbidge said he was sure people who attended would welcome information about scams.

He described the club as a great asset for Horncastle and said it was a great opportunity for people to meet and form new friendships and interests.

He added: “I have been to a couple of the sessions and there are all kinds of things going on.

“I think it is a wonderful idea and I’d encourage people to go along and see.”