Restraining order granted after Louth man, 24, broke into ex-partner's home

The former partner of a Louth woman, who broke into her home by smashing a kitchen window late at night, appeared to be '˜blind drunk', a court has been told.


Benjamin Andrew Barnett, sometimes known as Hemstock, 24, of Monks Dyke Road, admitted damaging a window and a solar light at the house in Mount Pleasant Avenue, and also to possessing a small quantity of cannabis, when he appeared at Skegness Magistrates’ Court last Tuesday (June 28).

Jim Clare, prosecuting, said Barnett had been in a relationship with Lana Martin for around five years but it had ended 18 months ago.

He said that at 11pm on June 8, Ms Martin was studying in her bedroom, when she heard banging on the front door and saw Barnett hiding behind some refuse bins.

As she guessed he would be ‘on drink or drugs’ she rang the police, but while she was on the phone she heard a crash and realised that a kitchen window had been broken.

Mr Clare said Ms Martin heard footsteps downstairs and realised he had come into the house.

He said Barnett then he came into her bedroom covered in blood from cutting himself as he had climbed through the window, appeared to be ‘blind drunk’ and sat on her bed.

He said Ms Martin was ‘scared’.

Mr Clare said the police arrived and Barnett was arrested.

He was taken to Louth hospital for treatment to his cuts and was found to have a small quantity of cannabis on him.

In mitigation, Terry Boston said Barnett had been ‘very drunk’ at the time but had ‘only’ been charged with damage.

Following a report from the Probation Service, the magistrates imposed a community order which includes a requirement to attend 24 day ‘building better relationships’ course, and they also granted a restraining order for Ms Martin.

Barnett was also ordered to pay £184 in compensation and £85 in court costs.