Retford: Gambling addict stole from his mother and job to fund habit

A man’s gambling addiction spiralled out of control so much that he stole thousands of pounds from his mum and employer to pay off his debts.
In CourtIn Court
In Court

Ricky Langhorne, 40, of Spa Common, Retford pleaded guilty to stealing £2,044 from We Sell Tyres and £738 from his mother’s bank account.

Prosecuting, Ruth Snodin, told the court how Langhorne took his mothers bank card and stole £738.81 over a six month period.

The court heard how one of Langhorne’s friend offered him a job as a delivery driver at We Sell Tyres in Worksop.

A job where he would have to collect money off customers.

The company’s computer system showed one customer had not been paid, and Langhorne was asked about it.

He said he had collected the money but it was at home.

A few days later, Langhorne confessed to a friend that the money was not at home and he had lost it through gambling and had lost other customers money too.

Langhorne eventually stopped turning up to work and the company rang the police.

When We Sell Tyres checked their computer system, they noticed £2,044.29 in cash was missing.

Langhorne was later arrested and admitted to the police that he kept a cash payment from a customer and lost it through gambling.

He decided to keep other customers money to gamble with so he could get the money back, but this didn’t work and he ended up losing track of how much he had spent.

In mitigation, Ian Pridham told the court how the father-of-three, is now at rock bottom after his gambling cost him his home and marriage.

He said Langhorne’s troubles started when his relationship with his wife of 17-years broke down due to money problems and his gambling.

After becoming homeless because of his gambling problems and the breakdown of his marriage, Langhorne is now at Hope Services for the homeless.

When the defendant left home, his gambling continued to spiral out of control.

Mr Pridham added: “His actions were easily spotted.”

“He has been in self-destruct mode for a while and he is at rock-bottom.”

Langhorne is currently being treated for depression at Hope Services.

The case was adjourned until Friday 14th November so a report can be prepared.

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