Retford: Nurse says patient attack was ‘like he was trying to eat me’

A nursing assistant at Rampton Hospital said a serious attack on him by a patient was ‘like he was trying to eat me.’

In Court
In Court

Scott Rowe. 39, appeared by video link at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court on Friday 12th December.

He pleaded guilty to the assault by beating of David Cobb on 10th August 2014.

Mr Cobb was left with two teeth marks on the right side of his head which were two inches long.

He had to have his head cleaned up because it was pouring with blood and had become swollen.

It was also said that the marks on his head may never go away.

The court heard that Mr Cobb was calling Rowe to return to his cell to ‘calm down.’

Rowe, who has severe learning difficulties, was then said to have ‘whipped round’ and attacked the nurse.

A statement was read out on behalf of Cobb by prosecutor Rob Chapman in court, in which he said: “His actions were as if he was trying to eat me.”

It was added that the attack caused small lumps on Mr Cobb’s head which were painful and needed to be treated by antibiotics and painkillers for three to four weeks.

He also had to leave work due to his injuries.

The court also heard from Ian Tennant, an executive director at the hospital, in which he said that assaults occur at the hospital quite often, with 244 in the previous year.

“Prosecutions are necessary even though often there are not really effective sanctions,” Mr Tennant said.

“Our experience is that patients perceive that they can assault with impunity.”

In mitigation, Andrew Bevan said that Rowe had been challenged after biting his nails and when Mr Cobb told him to stop it agitated him.

“He expressed his remorse for his actions on that day and apologised to Mr Cobb in person.”

“He gave full admissions in the interview.”

Rowe, who has been in Rampton for four years, was said to have 12 previous offences which ranged from ABH and common assault.

His last conviction was in June 2011.

On sentencing Rowe, the magistrates said: “This was a serious offence in which caused quite a lot of damage to the complainant whilst he was trying to do his job, we can’t condone that.”

Rowe was ordered to pay £1,000 compensation to Mr Cobb.