REVEALED: New statistics reveal the most popular baby names in England and Wales

Olivia has replaced Amelia as the most popular name given to baby girls in England and Wales in 2016, official statistics show.

Oliver, the top name for baby boys, remained in the number one spot for the fourth year in a row, data released by the Office for National Statistics revealed.

Olivia dethroned Amelia, which occupied the top position for five years.

Muhammad replaced William in the top 10 names for boys last year, while Poppy dropped out of the top 10 for girls, making way for Lily.

Olivia regained its status as the most popular name for girls, having been the top baby name between 2008 and 2010. The name came out top in Wales, and five out of nine regions across England. Finn appeared in the top 100 boys’ names for the first time in 2016 with 650 babies named Finn in England and Wales.

Meanwhile, Oliver was the most popular baby name for boys in six regions in England, as well as in Wales.

Four new entries, Felicity, Iris, Luna and Lydia, entered the top 100 for girls’ names last year, replacing Bethany, Hollie, Katie and Lacey. Albie, Arlo, Ezra, Finn, Jasper and Jesse entered the top 100 names for baby boys in 2016, replacing Callum, Connor, Jamie, Kian, Seth and Sonny which were in the top 100 in 2015.

Perhaps in a nod to celebrity trends, Harper, in the 2016 top 100, saw the biggest surge in popularity over the previous 10 years. Harper Beckham, daughter to David and Victoria Beckham, was born in 2011.

Meanwhile Jaxon, in the top 100 for boys, had risen the most among baby boys over the previous decade.

Nick Stripe, a statistician at the ONS, said: “With over 696,000 babies born in England and Wales in 2016, and nearly 64,000 different names chosen for them, it’s interesting how relatively stable the top 10 names have been over recent years.

“Olivia replaced Amelia as the most popular name for girls in 2016, returning to the top position it previously held between 2008 and 2010.

“Oliver remained the most popular name for baby boys born in 2016, having held the top spot since 2013.”

The name Arlo rose sharply in popularity in 2016 following Disney’s The Good Dinosaur, released in 2015.

“It is as you move down the rankings that you begin to notice social and cultural changes being reflected in name choices.

“Harper was the girls’ name in the top 100 in 2016 with the biggest rise in popularity over the previous 10 years, whilst for boys it was Jaxon.”

There were 696,271 live births recorded in England and Wales in 2016.

The statistics are based on names first recorded at live births which occurred over 12 months. Some 64,000 different names were given in 2016.

Up to half of the most popular baby names stood the test of time, with Oliver, Harry, Jack, Charlie and Thomas remaining in the top 10 for boys since 2006.

The name Felicity has increased in popularity in recent years, entering the top 100 for the first time in 2016. Noah saw the biggest jump into the top 10 since 2006, climbing 41 places to number six, while Muhammad, at number eight, rose 35 spots in 10 years.

Four girls’ names from 2006 made it into the top 10 last year, Olivia, Emily, Lily and Jessica. Isla shot up 89 places to take the fourth spot, while Ava also jumped a considerable 55 places to number five.

Pamela Redmond Satran, co-founder of baby name website Nameberry, told the Press Association: “I’m delighted Olivia finally made top girl.

“She’s been bridesmaid for so many years now and I keep thinking this will be the year she’ll break through.”

Luna rose sharply in popularity after 2010 and was 78th most popular girls’ name in 2016, up 52 places from 2015.

“I’d bet on Olivia making number one in the US next year too.

“On names new to the Top 100, we are also seeing a steep rise in Arlo, Ezra, Finn, and Jasper, and for girls, Iris and Luna.

“These names have tradition behind them but also feel fresh.

“Every generation of parents needs to reinvent baby names.”

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