REVEALED: Only 151 of 5,500 stolen bikes recovered in last three years

More than 5,500 bicycles have been stolen in Notts in the last three years, it can be revealed.

Statistics from a Freedom of Information Request by the Guardian show that of the 5,727 bikes that were taken between 2012 and 2014, only 151 were recovered by police.

In Worksop, a total of 292 bikes were swiped across the three years, with only 14 returned to their owners.

Some of the bikes that were stolen were worth thousands of pounds and have left cyclists considerably out of pocket.

A Guardian reader, who did not want to be named, said: “A bike was stolen from a school boy from Outwood Academy Valley, it was his Christmas present but police have recovered that one.”

“Now a small boy aged about five has had his electric quad bike stolen.”

“There’s a bit of a crime wave going on.”

In 2012 in Notts, 2156 bikes were taken, including 87 in Worksop, the most expensive being worth £2,500.

In 2013 in Notts, 2068 were stolen, including 126 in Worksop, the most expensive worth £1,800.

In 2014 in Notts, 1503 bike thefts occurred, including 79 in Worksop, the most expensive valued at £3,000.

Rob Ferrol, a paramedic in the town, had his Cannondale bike stolen, worth around £600, whilst on duty. It was taken from inside the garage at Worksop Ambulance Station on Monday 5th January.

“It is annoying and frustrating,” Mr Ferrol said.

This week Notts Police also released three images of bikes that were found at a house in the county and officers are keen to trace the owners.