'˜Revised plans' submitted for Sandilands hotel

New plans have been submitted for a hotel which was rejected earlier this year after councillors sided with resident campaigners.

Illustrations relating to the plans for a new hotel.

The owners of the Grange and Links Hotel submitted a revised application for what they originally called a ‘destination hotel’, which will also feature fewer houses than the one turned down in September – something councillors at the time had asked for.

The original application included 18 houses, but the one which has now appeared on East Lindsey District Council’s website includes only 13, consisting of 10 detached with double garages and one block of three terraced houses.

Documents have yet to appear on the authority’s planning portal, however, apart from the houses, the rest of the description appears to remain the same.

Illustrations relating to the plans for a new hotel.

The plans would see the existing hotel demolished and replaced with a new building, which would include a spa, gym and swimming pool with nine apartments on the second floor.

Another building would include 12 holiday apartments with space on the ground floor for retail and commercial space.

When the plans appeared before councillors earlier this year, they were told the existing hotel had been struggling over a number of years, and that the housing would help pay for what was described.

Owner Tim Cross told members to the planning committee he wanted to “make Sandilands a destination resort like North Norfolk”.

However, nearby residents raised a number of objections to the housing aspect — with concerns over the loss of privacy and safety and the ‘massive over-intensification’ of the area.

The plans received more than 500 letters of representation.

Councillors at the time said they had “offered an olive branch” in asking Mr Cross if he would consider reducing the number of houses if they deferred the application, but were forced to reject the plans when he refused.