‘River’ of floods through Epworth

Floods affected businesses in Epworth following a downpour yesterday afternoon that caused a ‘river’through the town centre.

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NEWS: News.

The 20 minute deluge around 3pm saw premises including Oceans52 fish bar, the High Street Post office and the White Bear pub on the A161 crossroads, slightly flooded.

Sub-postmaster Richard Haley said: “We were actually lucky this time. In the past we have had inches of water but this time it was only half a centimetre. The Council did a good job on our defences a year or so ago and it seems to have worked well.

“There was a raging torrent though. I’ve seen it like that two or three times before.”

Ian McConnachie of Oceans52 said: “We’ve had some water in but got it sorted out quite quickly. It was like a river covering the pavements for a while but I think all damage is minimal. The White Bear had it a bit worse I understand but is dealing with it.”

Problems were also reported around Westgate Road at Belton late yesterday.

However, no major incidents were reported by emergency services in the Isle.