Ron's back on his bike - after being told he may never walk again

An 87-year-old cyclist, who was told he would probably never walk again after a road accident, has beaten the odds and can now ride his beloved bicycle once more.

Ron Reynolds (right) with personal trainer Ryan Gray.

When Ron Reynolds’ wife died in 2016, he decided to take on the challenge of completing Land’s End to John O’Groats - a cycle race covering roughly 1,000 miles.

Sadly, while training, Ron was knocked off his bicycle by a motorist in June 2016, and was told by his doctor that he would probably never walk again, let alone ride his bike.

But, that was before Ron met personal trainer Ryan Gray, in Louth, back in April.

Ryan said: “Through my job I meet a tremendous amount of people, but when I met Ron I could genuinely still see such sadness and loneliness.

“It broke my heart to see this man in this way.

“I was determined to help aid Ron’s walking and strengthen around the hips.

“With Ron’s incredible work ethic and motivation, we overcame the most simple of things, working on mobility, flexibility, balance, and - most important of all - mental health

“Through our sessions we formed a great relationship.”

“After many gruelling sessions with Ryan, Ron got back on his bike on August 16, cycling on the grass at Meridian Leisure Centre, around the car park, and eventually he was able to cycle a mile down the road.

Ron told the Leader: “It felt as if a massive shroud had been lifted from me.

“My life has started again”.