Rotherham: Do not lose your right to vote in 2014

Some Rotherham residents will receive final reminders regarding their electoral registration form this week.

Guardian News
Guardian News

Forms were sent out to every household at the end of October to gather information for the new edition of the Register of Electors which will be published by 17th February.

Around 114,500 forms were sent out initially and so far around 76 per cent of households across the borough have responded, leaving almost 30,000 households in danger of losing their right to vote.

These people are being reminded that if they fail to return the form their name and those of everyone living in their house who is eligible to vote may not be included on the Electoral Register.

The Electoral Register is not only used for voting purposes. Credit reference agencies are legally entitled to use it to check details, so your credit rating can be affected if you are not included.

Householders are also reminded that if they fail to return their form canvassers will have to undertake house-to-house enquiries to obtain a response from them.

If you have not yet received a form please contact the Electoral Services help line on 01709 823590.