Sand racer George to tackle 20 races back to back in Mablethorpe

A Mablethorpe Sand Racing regular has decided to ride in all 20 races on Sunday - ending the last meeting of the season on a high - all in the name of charity.

Sand racer George Pickering in action on the beach in Mablethorpe.

George Pickering,24, from Greenfield (just outside Alford) aims to raise as much funds as he can for the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance (the most common emergency service which races out to riders’ rescue following injury).

Having already been announced as the winner of his class championship, he has decided to have some fun at the last race meet of the season.

“On March 13 I am racing in all of the motocross classes. There are four classes: - 125cc, 250f, 250cc and 450cc and each class has five races - so I’ll be riding in 20 races , back to back,” George explained.

“I have competed in all of these classes in the past, and won the championship in each of them. This season I’ve been racing in the 250cc class and I won that championship at the last race meeting. So I’ve decided to concentrate on this task now and try to raise as much money as possible for the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance.”

George knows many fellow riders who have relied on the services of the Air Ambulance - making it a fitting cause to raise funds for.

“The Air Ambulance is a service which is often called upon when accidents happen in a racing environment,” George added. “I have a few friends that have received treatment from them and I would like to show my appreciation of the service.”

George is a regular to Mablethorpe’s Sand Racing circuit and enjoyed finding a local sport to take part in during the winter months.

He said: “I started racing at Mablethorpe because it is a local event that is run over the winter months when the weather doesn’t really allow for much riding anywhere else. I have competed in eight seasons of Mablethorpe Sand Racing and I also compete in the UK National Flat Track Series.”

If you fancy heading out to watch George in action on Sunday morning (March 13), why not show your support and sponsor him as there will be a collection bucket out on the day for donations. Or you can visit his JustGiving page via: