Say cheese!

NEW students at the Artisan School of Food at Welbeck celebrated British Cheese Week by learning about the Estate’s very own Stichelton cheese.

North Notts is one of the few areas in the country where genuine stilton can be made.

But because Welbeck’s cheese uses unpasteurised milk – rather than the pasteurised milk used in stilton – it goes under the name Stichelton.

Dairy coordinator Lee-Anna Rennie said: “Stilton is covered by a PDO, Protected Designation of Origin, and can only be made in Notts, Leicestershire and Derbyshire.”

“We have 22 new students who will be producing cheeses over the next few weeks.

“Some of the cheeses can be eaten almost straightaway and some, like cheddar, take months to mature.”

Lee-Anna, 26, of Church Warsop, has her own herd of goats at Welbeck and hopes to make cheese from their milk.

“I am a complete fromageaphile,” she said.